Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach

Computer Networking : A Top-down Approach

Authors: James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
ISBN: 9780132856201
Edition: 6
Chapter: Computer Networks And The Internet
Exercise: Review
Question: 9


Question by Anonymous on 08 May, 2016 at 07:02 AM

Dial-up modems, HFC, DSL and FTTH are all used for residential access.For each of these access technologies, provide a range of transmission rates and comment on whether the transmission rate is shared or dedicated.

Answer by Geroge on 08 May, 2016 at 07:02 AM

Dial-up modems:

  • Transmission rate: 56 Kbps
  • Broad cast medium device.

HFC(Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable ):

  • Transmission rate: 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps.
  • Shared broad cast medium.

DSL(Digital subscriber line ):

  • Transmission rate:  <5Mbps
  • Dedicated broad cast medium.

FTTH(Fiber To The Home ​​​​​​​):

  • Transmission rate:  Approximately 20Mbps
  • Shared broad cast medium.



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