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Y Daniel Lang
To Computers Programs And Python
Check Point
Question:1 | ISBN:978013274719 | Edition: 6


What are hardware and software?



A computer is a combination of hardware and software.

 Hardware is that it is visible, physical elements of the computer. Software provides the invisible instructions that control the hardware and make it perform specific asks. Knowing computer hardware isn’t essential to learning a programming language, but it can help you better understand the effects that a program’s instructions have on the computer and its components.

A computer consists of the following major hardware components:

  • A central processing unit (CPU)
  • Memory (main memory)
  • Storage devices (such as disks and CDs)
  • Input devices (such as the mouse and keyboard)
  • Output devices (such as monitors and printers)
  • Communication devices (such as modems and network interface cards)
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