Introduction to Programming Using Python

Introduction To Programming Using Python

Authors: Y Daniel Lang
ISBN: 978013274719
Edition: 6
Chapter: To Computers Programs And Python
Exercise: Programming Excercises
Question: 11


Question by Trueman on 25 Dec, 2018 at 01:45 PM

(Population projection) The US Census Bureau projects population based on the following assumptions:
One birth every 7 seconds
One death every 13 seconds
One new immigrant every 45 seconds
Write a program to display the population for each of the next five years. Assume the current population is 312032486 and one year has 365 days. Hint: in Python, you can use integer division operator // to perform division. The result is an integer. For
example, 5 // 4 is 1 (not 1.25) and 10 // 4 is 2 (not 2.5).

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