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James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
Computer Networks And The Internet
Question:14 | ISBN:9780132856201 | Edition: 6


Why will two ISPs at the same level of the hierarchy often peer with each other? How does an IXP earn money?



  • Using the intermediate ISP provider to carry the traffic by the two ISPs.
  • It is an extra burden to the two ISPs.
  • If hierarchy often peer with each other then reduces the cost for two ISPs to avoid intermediate ISP provider.

So, the t wo ISPs at the same level of the hierarchy often peer with each other.


  • IXP means Internet eXchange Point. Its contains multple ISPs to exchange traffice in internet.
  • Then charge the money to each ISP that connects to it.

So, an IXP earn money.


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Fadi Badarni

  • two ISP at the same level of heirarchy will often peer with each other to reduce costs and improve the overall performance of their networks.
  • An IXP earns money by charging its memebers a fee for the use of it's services including cross-connects,additional ports etc..

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