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James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
The Network Layer
Question:1 | ISBN:9780132856201 | Edition: 6


Let’s review some of the terminology used in this textbook. Recall that the name of a transport-layer packet is segment and that the name of a link-layer packet is frame. What is the name of a network-layer packet? Recall that both routers and link-layer switches are called packet switches. What is the fundamental difference between a router and link-layer switch? Recall that we use the term routers for both datagram networks and VC networks.



The name of a network-layer packet is “Datagram”.

The fundamental difference between a router and link-layer switch as

  • A router forwards a packet based on the packet’s IP (layer 3) address.

  • A link-layer switch forwards a packet based on the packet’s MAC (layer address.

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