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Barbara Dolye
Introduction To Computing And Programming
Question:1 | ISBN:9781285096261 | Edition: 4


You run a program and it gives you the difference of two values as the output, instead of the sum of the values, as intended. This is what type of error?
a. syntax
b. analysis
c. coding
d. design
e. logic



Correct answer is e)  logic.


Explanation for the correct answer:


  • The program compiler errors found while running the program if the found syntax errors. It does not depend on logic of the program..
  • If the logic of the program code contains an error, it does not effect the execution of the program. It is not have any compiler errors and execute the program successfully, but it displays the inappropriate/incorrect results as per the question.
  • For example, If run a program and it gives you the difference of two values as the output, instead of the sum of the values is the logic error.  Consider the diffrence of two vlaues as the input.

Hence, the correct answer is e) logic.

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