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Linda Null ,julia Lobur
Review Of Essential Terms And Concepts
Question:1 | ISBN:9780763704445 | Edition: 3


What is the difference between computer organization and computer architecture?



Diifferences between Computer organization and Computer Architecture: 

Computer organization:

  • Computer organization deals with the physical component of computer system that interacts with each other to perform various functionality
  • Computer organization is implementation of its architecture.
  • Organization changes with changing technology.
  • Example of organizational attributes includes hardware details transparent to the programmer such as control signal and peripheral.


Computer Architecture: 

  • Computer Architecture refers to set of attributes that are visible to the programmer or developer. 
  • Computer Architecture is more about design construction that may lead to better performance of the system.
  • Computer Architecture describes what the computer does.
  • Computer Architecture comes before organization. It’s like building the design and architecture of the house which takes maximum time
  •  Particular computer architecture may span over many years and can have number of different computer models.
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