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Linda Null ,julia Lobur
Question:11 | ISBN:9780763704445 | Edition: 3


Read a popular local newspaper and search through the job openings. (You can also check some of the more popular online career sites.) Which jobs require specific hardware knowledge? Which jobs imply knowledge of computer hardware? Is there any correlation between the required hardware knowledge and the company or its location?



Computer hardware is a field that is constantly evolving, exponentially in fact. Its own growth spurs further growth thus spiraling beyond control or comprehension. Professionals in the computer hardware field need to be constantly updated on the developments around them regarding the advancements in the computer hardware technology This is the major reason why many server maintenance.

Types of Careers or jobs  that require hardware knowledge are:

  • Aerospace Engineer. These professionals design, build, and test spacecraft, satellites, and airborne machines such as planes and missiles. ...
  • Computer Programmer. 
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager. 
  • Software Developer.
  • Computer Network Architect.

There is a correlation between the required knowledge and the company .As company needs knowledge in particular stream and company works on it .

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