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Walter Savitch ,kenrick Mock
Function Basics
Programming Projects
Question:1 | ISBN:9780132846813 | Edition: 5


A liter is 0.264179 gallons. Write a program that will read in the number of liters of gasoline consumed by the user’s car and the number of miles traveled by the car and will then output the number of miles per gallon the car delivered. Your program should allow the user to repeat this calculation as often as the user wishes. Define a function to compute the number of miles per gallon. Your program should use a globally defined constant for the number of liters per gallon.



#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
double const LITER = 0.264172;
double milesPerGallon(int ml, int lt);

int main ()
	char options;
	int lt, ml;
	  cout << "Enter the number of Liters of gasoline:";
	  cin >> lt;
  cout <<"Enter the number of miles traveled by the car: ";
       cin >> ml;
	   cout << "Number of miles per gallon:"  
            << milesPerGallon(ml, lt) << endl;
		cout << "To continue, then enter 'Y':";
		cin >> options;
	} while (options == 'y' || options == 'Y');
	return 0;
double milesPerGallon(int m, int l)
	double gallons;
	gallons = LITER * l;
	return (m/gallons);


Enter the number of Liters of gasoline:100
Enter the number of miles traveled by the car: 1000
Number of miles per gallon:37.8541
To continue, then enter 'Y':n


0 0


collins koranteng

Domestication was one of the major campaign message of a political party in Ghana. 
All it means is buy and eat what you produce locally. The government has decided to 
impose 200% tax on all imported food which can be produced locally. Upon discussion with various stake holders, it was agreed that the tax should be reduced to 120%. On a trial basis the following food items were tagged
 as the base for the comparison [yam, maize, rice, millet, plantain, cassava] you are to write a c++ program that will 

a) Request for the name, price of imported food item and compare with the base.

b) a tax of 5% is imposed on every food item, however if the imported food is in the 
base when compared, then an extra 120% 
tax based on the tax charged is added.

c) Display the following results
1. name of food item
2. normal tax charged
3. extra tax charged if any 

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