Problem Solving with C++

Problem Solving With C++

Authors: Walter Savitch ,julia Lobur
ISBN: 9780321531346
Edition: 7
Chapter: Introduction To Computers And C++ Programming
Exercise: Programming Projects
Question: 3


Question by Anonymous on 16 Mar, 2016 at 11:59 AM

Further modify the C++ program that you already have modified in Programming Project 2. Change the multiplication sign * in your C++ program to a division sign /. Recompile the changed program. Run the program. Enter a zero input for “number of peas in a pod.” Notice the run time error message due to division by zero.

Answer by Anonymous on 16 Mar, 2016 at 08:33 AM

Modified program code:

//Header file
using namespace std;

//main function
int main( ) 
	//Variable declaration
	int number_of_pods, peas_per_pod, total_peas;
	//Prompt the message, Hello
	cout << "Hello\n";

	//Prompt the user to enter input
	cout << "Press return after entering a number.";
	cout << "Enter the number of pods:";
	cin >> number_of_pods;
	cout << "Enter the number of peas in a pod:";
	 cin >> peas_per_pod;
	//Calculation part by using division symbole
	 total_peas = number_of_pods / peas_per_pod; //This line 
//added for question 
	 //Display output
	cout << "If you have ";
	 cout << number_of_pods;
	cout << " pea pods ";
	cout << "and ";
	cout << peas_per_pod;
	cout << " peas in each pod, then ";
	cout << "you have ";
	cout << total_peas;
	cout << " peas in all the pods. ";

	//Prompt the message, Good-bye
	cout << "Good-bye\n";
	return 0;




Press return after entering a number.Enter the number of pods:200

Enter the number of peas in a pod:10
If you have 200 pea pods and 10 peas in each pod, then you have 20 peas in all t
he pods. Good-bye
0 0


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