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Linda Null ,julia Lobur
System Software
Review Of Essential Terms And Concepts
Question:1 | ISBN:9780763704445 | Edition: 3


1. What was the main objective of early operating systems as compared to the goals of today’s systems?



The main objective of early operating systems, such as the ones developed in the 1950s and 1960s, was to efficiently manage the hardware resources of the computer and provide a convenient interface for users to interact with the system. These systems focused on tasks like handling input/output devices, managing memory, and scheduling processes.


In contrast, the goals of today's operating systems have expanded significantly. While resource management and user interface remain important, modern operating systems also prioritize security, scalability, and reliability. They aim to provide a stable and secure platform for running a wide range of applications, supporting multi-user environments, and facilitating connectivity across networks. Additionally, modern operating systems often incorporate features like virtualization, cloud integration, and support for mobile devices

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