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Walter Savitch ,kenrick Mock
Pointers And Dynamic Arrays
Programming Projects
Question:1 | ISBN:9780132846813 | Edition: 5


Reread the code in Display 10.9 . Then, write a class TwoD that implements the two-dimensional dynamic array of double s using ideas from this display in its constructors. You should have a private member of type pointer to double to point to the dynamic array, and two int (or unsigned int ) values that are MaxRows and MaxCols.

You should supply a default constructor for which you are to choose a default maximum row and column sizes and a parameterized constructor that allows the programmer to set maximum row and column sizes.

Further, you should provide a void member function that allows setting a particular row and column entry and a member function that returns a particular row and column entry as a value of type double.

Remark: It is difficult or impossible (depending on the details) to overload [ ] so it works as you would like for two-dimensional arrays. So simply use accessor and mutator functions using ordinary function notation.

Overload the + operator as a friend function to add two two-dimensional arrays. This function should return the TwoD object whose i th row, j th column element is the sum of the i th row, j th column element of the left-hand operand TwoD object and the i th row, j th column element of the right-hand operand TwoD object. Provide a copy constructor, an overloaded operator = , and a destructor. Declare class member functions that do not change the data as const members.


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