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Walter Savitch ,kenrick Mock
Separate Compilation And Namespaces
Programming Projects
Question:1 | ISBN:9780132846813 | Edition: 5


This exercise is intended to illustrate namespaces and separate compilation in your development environment. You should use the development environment you regularly use in this course for this exercise. In a file f.h, place adeclaration of void f( ) in namespace A . In a file g.h , place a declaration of void g( ) in namespace A . In files f.cpp and g.cpp , place the definitions of void f( ) and void g( ) , respectively. Place the definitions of void f( ) and void g( ) in namespace A . The functions can do anything you want, but to keep track of execution include something like

cout << "Function_Name called" << endl;

where Function_Name is the name of the particular function. In another file, main. cpp , put your main function, #include the minimum collection of files to provide access to the names from namespace A . In your main function call the functions f then g . Compile, link, and execute using your development environment. To pro- vide access to names in namespaces, you may use local using declarations such as

using std::cout;

or use local using directives such as

using namespace std;

inside a block, or qualify names using the names of namespaces, such as std::cout.

You may not use global namespace directives such as the following which are not in a block and apply to the entire file:

using namespace std;

Of course you must handle namespace A and function names f and g, in addition to possibly std and cout.

After doing this, write a one page description of how to create and use namespaces and separate compilation in your environment.


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