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James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
Computer Networks And The Internet
Question:1 | ISBN:9780132856201 | Edition: 6


What is the difference between a host and an end system? List several different types of end systems. Is a Web server an end system?



Host is Computer or a device connected to a network which provide information, resources or services to users or other host in a network.

End Systems are termed as they are at the edge of internet which does not interact with the users but provide various services.For example, web servers and e-mail servers which does not interact with users directly but provide resources.

End System are considered same as hosts but with no direct interaction with the user and Web Server is an end system.

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Review the car-caravan analogy in Section 1.4. Assume a propagation speed

of 100 km/hour.

a. Suppose the caravan travels 200 km, beginning in front of one tollbooth,

passing through a second tollbooth, and finishing just before a third tollbooth.

What is the end-to-end delay?

b. Repeat (a), now assuming that there are seven cars in the caravan instead

of ten.


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