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James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
Computer Networks And The Internet
Question:10 | ISBN:9780132856201 | Edition: 6


Describe the most popular wireless Internet access technologies today. Compare and contrast them.



The comparison between above mentioned wireless Internet access technologies are:

  • These two technologies are called computer networks. It is using for wireless data connections.
  • WLAN will covers short distance and Wide-area wireless access networks will covers long distance.
  • These two networks will used in mobile technology via internet connection.


Contrast between Wireless Local Area Network and Wide-area wireless access network:


Wireless Local Area Network

Wide-area wireless access network

In Wireless LAN, data will transmit through radio transmissions.


In Wide-area wireless access network, data will transmit or receive through wireless infrastructure to use for cellular telephony.

In a wireless LAN, wireless users transmit (or) receive packets to (or) from a base station or wireless access point within a radius of few tens of meters.

The base station is typically connected to the wired Internet and thus serves to connect wireless users to the wired network.


In Wide-area wireless access network, data will transmit within a radius of tens of kilometers from the base station to users.

Wireless LAN is used in  small business, schools, universities and homes etc.

Wide-area wireless access network technology can be used in mobile.

Wireless LAN is called as Wi-Fi.

Wide-area wireless access network is called as 3G and 4G.

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