Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach

Computer Networking : A Top-down Approach

Authors: James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
ISBN: 9780132856201
Edition: 6
Chapter: Computer Networks And The Internet
Exercise: Review
Question: 16


Question by Anonymous on 08 May, 2016 at 07:39 AM

Consider sending a packet from a source host to a destination host over a fixed route. List the delay components in the end-to-end delay. Which of these delays are constant and which are variable?

Answer by Geroge on 07 Feb, 2018 at 12:45 PM

List the delay components in the end-to-end delay:

  • Processing delay
  • Transmission delay
  • Propagation delay
  • Queuing delay.

The processing delay, transmission delay, and propagation delay are constant.  Reason is that, time taken to transmit data bits.

The queuing delay is variable.Reason is that, Only single packet transfer in queue process and waiting time depends on packet size.

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