Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach

Computer Networking : A Top-down Approach

Authors: James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
ISBN: 9780132856201
Edition: 6
Chapter: Computer Networks And The Internet
Exercise: Problems
Question: 27


Question by Anonymous on 05 May, 2017 at 04:25 PM

Consider problem P25 but now with a link of R = 1 Gbps.

a. Calculate the bandwidth-delay product, R _ dprop.

b. Consider sending a file of 800,000 bits from Host A to Host B. Suppose

the file is sent continuously as one big message. What is the maximum

number of bits that will be in the link at any given time?

c. What is the width (in meters) of a bit in the link?

Answer by Geroge on 05 May, 2017 at 04:25 PM


Therefore, the bandwidth-delay product is 8000000 bits.



Therefore, the width of a bit in the link is=0.25 meters.


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