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Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach

Computer Networking : A Top-down Approach

James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross
Transport Layer



SYN cookies were discussed in Section 3.5.6.

a. Why is it necessary for the server to use a special initial sequence number in the SYNACK?

b. Suppose an attacker knows that a target host uses SYN cookies. Can the

attacker create half-open or fully open connections by simply sending an ACK packet to the target? Why or why not?

c. Suppose an attacker collects a large amount of initial sequence numbers sent by the server. Can the attacker cause the server to create many fully open connections by sending ACKs with those initial sequence numbers? Why?


a) The server uses special initial sequence number (that is obtained from the hash of source and destination IPs and ports) in order to defend itself against SYN FLOOD attack.
b) No, the attacker cannot create half-open or fully open connections by simply sending and ACK packet to the target. Half-open connections are not possible since a server using SYN cookies does not maintain connection variables and buffers for any connection before full connections are established. For establishing fully open connections, an attacker should know the special initial sequence number corresponding to the (spoofed) source IP address from the attacker. This sequence number requires the "secret" number that each server uses. Since the attacker does not know this secret number, she cannot guess the initial sequence number.
c) No, the sever can simply add in a time stamp in computing those initial sequence numbers and choose a time to live value for those sequence numbers, and discard
expired initial sequence numbers even if the attacker replay them.

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